We make sustainable fashion from leftovers
 into upcycle garments.

Hand-tailored (slow fashion) fit, and functionality,
seasonless for a casual vibe. 

Plus, I can help you elevate your closet,
your life, your space...

With our DIY Decor we have easy solutions to make now, not when the gravy train rolls in. 

You can be an original by purchasing our one-offs OR learning how to make upcycle with  all the clothes you have and don't wear anymore. 


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We know how to find your style. So you can appreciate your whole life,  travel, or being out in nature, working at life. 

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The vest

My pieces are created Functionality, and Versatility through Upcycle technique, and are Seasonless.

This playfulness has its origins in jobs with iconic New York brands Betsey Johnson and Ellen Tracy with many years working in the corporate fashion world.

A little know fact, I was commissioned by Artists to make designs which appeared at the New Museum in NYC, and the MOMA.

What I'm 


Is that everyone is starting to get it. Making the most of their wardrobe after years of over consuming fast fashion.

What I'm 


It is important to try. The world needs all of us to care. There are new fabrics, inventions, better trade agreements. Awareness to develop a circular economy in fashion.

What I'm 

not about

Looking weird is a popular misconception about mended clothing. It is not about wearing odd ball looks, but more about wearing custom original designs. 

what I


Clothing purchased once can become true individual style as yet to be seen. Since it fit funny the first time, but the second we make some alterations, it will be unique to you. 

I would love to do a scaled Upcycle project with your overstock. 


Consider me a creative in your corner, helping you be seen for your authentic fun self.

I founded Salad Bowl Dress to guide the sustainably fashion minded, on a quest to build a wardrobe tailored from your old clothes, into custom individual style.

behind the scenes

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the sales, the millions (many : ) followers... 

Transforming old or worn-out clothes into something new and fashionable to wear.
Through upcycling, a sustainable approach to fashion that benefits both the environment and your wallet. 
You can reduce waste by giving your favorite pieces new life.
Upcycling clothing involves adding embellishments, tailoring, cutting, and re-sewing pieces, or dyeing the fabric for a completely new look.
Experience the fun and creativity of upcycle clothing while also making a positive impact on the planet.
It's something I starting doing when my kids were growing out of their clothes. I made skinned knee bags with the jeans knee hole in them.
Mom Dresses out of a variety of Kids clothes.
They were cute, flattering, and everyone had plenty of the little clothes to work with.

The Mom


tres chic



 A space for the sustainably minded creatives to learn how to organically grow their wardrobe, and DIY decor. live their lives,
Spend less time shopping, and feel more peace.

— mary

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If you're into sustainable fashion, shopping small, interior design, all things art I find funny + probably way too many videos talking about fashion advocacy? You've come to the right place. 

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