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There is a fashion revolution happening. Because there is a direct link between Fashion and Climate change. Buying clothes ethically has become more work, taking up more thought.

Overconsumption is affecting our planet. We are encouraged to buy; products look good, and are priced cheap. But…
We should stop adding to the destruction. 

Are you on a treadmill of buying something new to wear and giving away the old stuff regularly?

Or do you shop because there are so many deals, and they are just what you are looking for, but after one wear or two, the same clothes are not doing it for you? 

So you put them in the closet until a cleanout occurs, and give them to the Goodwill. 

One trend is to buy made-to-order. We do that here at Salad Bowl Dress. Just go to the Custom Page and punch in your measurements. The turnaround is only a few days more than your fast fashion counterpart. But oh, to look your best in tailored casual pieces. They cost a little more, but it is worth it. 

I would like to offer you a clothing experience.

Clothing that is custom made and goes from the morning until evening. (I used to make shorts to wear under a tunic at work so I could work out at lunch. I also had a short-sleeved vest top I would put on in the afternoon to disguise my stinky.)

I want you to consider your needs and have clothing to accommodate them.

When we think of purchases these days, we should think of experiences. The experience of living in one's clothes. To do the work of everyday adventurous living. 

I would like to do that for you with this new course. 

I can help you make custom-flattering clothing with what you already own.  

Some clothes speak to you. Those are the ones I want you to keep. But we will make them into the right look and fit. 

I want to offer you custom-fitting clothing that shows your style. Clothing that is versatile and easy to create for your fun self. 

By the end of this course, you will feel full of expression, comfort, and style. 

Join the Wait List. 

How to measure yourself. 

Great techniques I have taught interns for years. 

How to cut up garments for the design element or the fabric.

Let the clothing talk to you, tell you their story. 

Do you have a closet full of pre-pandemic clothing? 

Do you have tons of clothes with nothing to wear?

“Lettuce” make a difference in your life so you can use all the extra clothes in your style. 

When it is time to go on a walk after going to the grocery store and then to pick the kids up from school, are you puzzled about what to wear?

I can help you make custom-flattering clothing with what you already own.  

Here at SBD, We are making clothing all the time. It only takes a few days more to make it custom MADE TO ORDER, and it is still just the cost of making a garment. 

Use the Custom page to punch in your measurements for our Made-to-order or Sign up on the Wait List for the course coming soon. 


“I literally just scored the cutest vests, Upcycle Fashion is the new tomorrow and you should check her out.”

They're all recycled material and all made from different pants and shirts. They come in a whole bunch of sizes, for normal size people.

— Jackie Reinking, Influencer

“Mary is a creative environmentally conscious fashionista!”

It feels like I am wearing art..

— Janet Birch, Yoga Teacher

“I needed to update my wardrobe and SaladBowlDress did just that.”

I wanted to utilize clothes I no longer wear and following the suggestions made by Mary were right on.  I ended up with special occasion dresses I needed, upgraded from my everyday wear.

— Carol Goldmark, Artist, carolgoldmark.com

What I can do at a glance

Abundance of  T-shirts?

Restyled and make wearable. 

Suits Unworn.

Time to Cut Up.

Special Occassion

I have you covered.

Items Missing?

Let's Create Them


So much fun!


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I believe in doing great work and being nice to people

After working with interns on the job and clients I  can teach anyone the easy smart way to upgrade their wardrobe.

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I'm kind of an organizational wiz. Not in the super container way, but in a general overall space saving, optimizational way with clothing and decor. 
I can point you to my ideas of creating more outfits and I can offer you one of a kind products to wear. 

Space organization + Diy decor

Business + production

Brand Partnerships 
& Collaborations

We can make to order or scale your overstock and show you where to cut corners and where to work differently.

I'm a frequent speaker at both in person and virtual events on topics surrounding fashion and climate change, and personal growth. I'd be happy to discuss your opportunity + send you my reel!

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If you're into sustainable fashion, shopping small, interior design, all things art I find funny + probably way too many videos talking about fashion advocacy? You've come to the right place. 

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