A regular schedule of upcycle workshops will be here in the Fall. 
Meanwhile look forward to a lot of how to video.
Getting my husband to share the importance of Art in the world.
Last but not least I am sharing the latest in the ongoing changes in the Fashion Industry trying to go from a linear economy to a circular one.  

Our Workshops are ongoing at the studio.

Please join us for an afternoon of remaking your leftover pieces with a group collaboration.
The cost is about 20. per hour per person. 
Sign up here for the next available date. 

Upcycle Fashion CREATION 


Selected Work

Spring Campaign

The Crop Vests are a layer or worn alone. Contains many pockets to keep you free from a purse.

Winter Campaign

Wearing this bicycle vest when the weather permits keeps you covered and lets you pedal fast.

The Salad Bowl Dress Bucket Hat

Winter Campaign

Layer with a vest.

think we may be a good fit?

Let me help you

elevate your every day.

I am available for bookings and consultation on how to transform your clothing, your space, or your companies overstock into workable pieces. 

Emma our model

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If you're into sustainable fashion, shopping small, interior design, all things art I find funny + probably way too many videos talking about fashion advocacy? You've come to the right place. 

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