Custom Vest

First send this contact form then we will set up a purchase from the vest of your choice.
Made to order Custom Vest.
LMK (let me know) which sustainable SBD fashion vest suits your wardrobe needs, from the Best Sellers to the Latest. We make vests all week long. Might as well make one according to your measurements.

  Tie Vest

  Tunic Vest- Scoop Neck or Bustier

Boxy Men's Vest

   Crop Vest- ( Bustier or Yes)

Free Sustainable Fashion Guide

This is really all you need to create a new closet of wearable clothing.

There is a lot to cover. But I hope it inspires you to maybe look at your wardrobe in a new light.

SHOP the ready to wear, or check out some  ways to make your own upcycle clothes 



There are plenty of sustainable clothing options. Mend your clothes. wear second hand, or shop upcycle. 
But the best one is to shop your closet with clothes you already own.

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If you're into sustainable fashion, shopping small, interior design, all things art I find funny + probably way too many videos talking about fashion advocacy? You've come to the right place. 

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